Artificial Intelligence with Robotic Process Automation Promises a Great Future

Bharadwaja Choudhury | Design & Delivery Expert | Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

First of all, Congratulations for choosing to be part of the TechBhubaneswar meet and it’s going to be a great opportunity and platform for exchange of knowledge amongst the brightest minds.

I am going to meet you on Dec 9th in Bhubaneswar. With more than 15 years of experience in IT industry and having delivered global enterprise level digital solutions, I believe it’s an opportunity for me to share a few thoughts from my experience.

“Digital Transformation” is the phrase we come across quite often in last few years and it’s fairly obvious at a time when the consumer’s expectation is increasing, business is getting more competitive and the whole dynamics is changing rapidly. Organizations attempt to bring their products and services to market faster with higher quality, at an optimized cost and with an enhanced experience. This has led to the transformation of business at various levels, be it at the business model, operations or at end user experience.

So, when Organization is ready for the change, the digital age technologies come and support this change. One such lever for the transformation is, automation of business processes. And, this is achieved through Robotic Process Automation or RPA. Automation of rule specific business processes is core to script based programming technologies of RPA. RPA helps in transformation by bringing faster, error free operations and thus productivity gain and cost savings.

However, after initial success through RPA, the greed is to have smarter automations to bring completeness to the process automation scope. Here comes, AI based technologies to the rescue. It could be machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing or computer vision skills that aid to make the Robotic process automation smarter and take it to the next level. Undoubtedly, we are reaping the benefits of RPA at the moment, but with augmentation of AI based technologies, it promises a great future.

Let’s wait to discuss more in person…..Have a great time.

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