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Attendee Terms and Conditions

Please see the terms and conditions below!

Attendee Terms and Conditions

  • TechBhubaneswar is a mega event for software professionals only.
  • Attendees should register themselves online through “Be an Attendee” form only.
  • TechBhubaneswar reserves the rights to approve or to reject your registration at its discretion.
  • TechBhubaneswar has certain criteria to select the attendees and the filtration rights are solely reserved by TechBhubaneswar.
  • Attendees who are selected will receive a confirmation e-mail from TechBhubaneswar.
  • You have to bring your original ID card (Company ID card/or a letter from your company) along with the soft copy of the confirmation e-mail (which will be sent to your email ID once you have been approved by TechBhubaneswar).
  • You need to produce your ID card as a proof whenever asked for/by the organisers. Without valid documents, your participation will be rejected.
  • Date – 15th December, 2019 (Sunday), Place: Hotel Mayfair Convention, Bhubaneswar, Time: 09:00 AM.
  • Registration for attendees will close on 2nd December- 2019.
  • There will be NO SPOT REGISTRATION.
  • Use of smart phones or any electronic gadgets which causes disturbance during the event is strictly prohibited.
  • Attendees are NOT allowed to record anything during the event without TechBhubaneswar organisers’ permission.
  • TechBhubaneswar organisers’ decision will be final and binding on all attendees without any debate.
  • TechBhubaneswar organisers reserve the rights to eliminate any participant at any time based on attendee’s code of conduct without any debate.
  • Publication of photos and videos: TechBhubaneswar takes full and royalty- free permission to publish photos or videos taken at TechBhubaneswar event.
  • TechBhubaneswar provides a set of benefits to all the attendees as, free lunch, 2 time tea-coffee with cookies, T-shirts, exciting goodies etc.
  • The above guidelines are subject to change at any point of time without any notice to the concerned authority and TechBhubaneswar reserves all the rights. However the changes may be communicated to the participants effectively.
  • Note that, any latest updates or changes about the event will be declared in TechBhubaneswar website and social media channels.
  • If there is any concern or query related to the call for attendee form, feel free to contact us.

N.B – No Spot Registrations will be allowed. Only participants who have already registered online and possess a valid confirmation e-mail along with their identity card will be allowed to attend the event.

For more information please contact us.