15 11, 2018

Artificial Intelligence with Robotic Process Automation Promises a Great Future

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Bharadwaja Choudhury | Design & Delivery Expert | Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. First of all, Congratulations for choosing to be part of the TechBhubaneswar meet and it’s going to be a great opportunity and platform for exchange of knowledge amongst the brightest minds. I am going to meet you on Dec 9th in Bhubaneswar. With [...]

9 11, 2018

Let’s try to find your passion or purpose in Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi’s way!

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If you are reading this then let me assure that you were meant to, by cosmic design I mean. “Eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know” goes the popular saying but also “what you aren’t seeking in life in that direction your attention never goes” is a fact. So if your attention has fallen [...]

11 10, 2018

Hi-Tech Enthusiasts from Odisha and East India

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Hi-Tech enthusiasts from Odisha and East India. TechBhubaneswar is one of the best tech conference I have ever participated. I was fortunate to be the opening keynote speaker in the very first edition of Tech Bhubaneswar in 2016 October. It was a really amazing experience. After having spoken at several conferences in India and around [...]

13 10, 2017

TechBhubaneswar – Platform for Learners

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TechBhubaneswar is an event where we meet techies from all walks of life who share their experiences to ponder/brainstorm upon new technologies in various domains. I would like to share my personal experience as a Speaker in 2016 edition of TechBhubaneswar. I got an amazing platform to reach out the techies and apprise them of [...]

11 10, 2017

My Experience on TechBhubaneswar

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Last year I was a speaker for lightning talk at TechBhubaneswar and I cannot express how fortunate I was to be a part of such an event, particularly in this part of the country. It provided me with a platform where I was able to pitch in my idea and bring it out to the [...]