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Cultural Event

Paika Vidroh

The dance drama Odia Paika speaks about the heroic saga of the historic Paika Rebellion against the British rule. The theme “Indomitable Spirit of Odias” leads the show, with music and dance beautifully entwined to take the audience into the historic era of early 19th century,

highlighting the glories of the Odia brave hearts. The three main factors which culminated into the major salvo against the British rule were- alienation of ‘paikas’ from their hereditary rent free lands; the introduction of a new currency system ( of silver and brass) after the abolition of the prevalent ‘kaudi’ ( small conch)currency and subsequent economic exploitation and the ban on making salt from seawater.

The drama also unfolds the story of Martyr Jayee Rajguru, who suffered the atrocities of the Britishers and was torn apart alive. He inspired Paika families and trained them to develop different war skills to fight against the British as early as 1803. His martyrdom inspired the paikas in the coming years which ultimately culminated in the rebellion of 1817. A significant achievement of the Paika Rebellion was that it united people from different castes, creeds and walks of life, in one thread and inspired them to join hands to fight against a common enemy.

The drama narrates the role of great freedom fighters of Paika Rebellion of 1817 such as Buxi Jagabandhu, Madhav Chandra Routray, Pindiki Bahubalendra and Krutibasa Patsani besides many eminent Paika heroes of Khurda Gada who sacrificed their lives in their fight against the British forces in Odisha.

Content & Script: Shri P. K. Das, IRS & Shri Shyamapada Chatterjee

Music Composition & Direction: Prof Dhaneswar Swain & Sukant Kumar Kundu

Performance by: Nrutya Naivedya,

Choreography: Guru Shri Pravat Kumar Swain

Name of the Group – Nrutya Naivedya

Name of the Act  – Paika Vidroha

Artist Names

1.Purnata Mohanty
2.Priyadarshini Pradhan
3.Madhusmita Swain
4.Pritipriya Behera
5.Biswarupa Dixit
6.Harekrushna Dhall
7.Asutosh Parida
8.Bikram Samal
9.Chinmaya Sahoo
10.Deepak Swain
11. Lambodar Mahanta