Hi-Tech Enthusiasts from Odisha and East India

Hi-Tech enthusiasts from Odisha and East India. TechBhubaneswar is one of the best tech conference I have ever participated.

I was fortunate to be the opening keynote speaker in the very first edition of Tech Bhubaneswar in 2016 October. It was a really amazing experience.

After having spoken at several conferences in India and around the world, this was the first time I was speaking in the state of Odisha. Also, this was the first time that an event of this scale and such brilliance catering to the tech community was held in Bhubaneswar. So in many ways, this was a great and memorable experience for all of us.

Talking of the intricacies, this event was executed flawlessly with a lot of attention to detail. I would easily rate Tech Bhubaneswar among one of the most professionally done tech conferences of the country. From the hospitality of all the speakers, to the venue arrangements, social media engagements and value creation aspect – this event was an absolute hundred. It was totally heartwarming to see some of the best techies and the Microsoft Partner community (MVP’s) etc. turn out in huge numbers in the audiences.

And the co speakers were also truly world class and experts in their domains.

With a wide range of current topics – from IoT, to Big Data and Moonshot Innovations being covered – this conference was at the level of a Silicon Valley event.

I also made a personal bonding with my co speakers and the organizers at Mindfire, namely Debendra Nandi , Tadit Dash and Nirmal Hota. And we still are well connected like one big tech family.

I have been constantly in touch with them and was part of their advisory for Tech Bhubaneswar 2017 as well.

Given the stats of the conference over the last two years, I can confidently say that it is an intellectually stimulating and engaging event that will create a difference in the lives of the audiences and speakers themselves.

I am really looking forward to the third edition of Tech Bhubaneswar this year on the 9th of December. I wish my team at Mindfire all the very best in executing yet another event of tech brilliance.

More power to you, Tech Bhubaneswar 2018

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