Let’s try to find your passion or purpose in Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi’s way!

If you are reading this then let me assure that you were meant to, by cosmic design I mean. “Eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know” goes the popular saying but also “what you aren’t seeking in life in that direction your attention never goes” is a fact.

So if your attention has fallen upon this piece then rest assured that there is something within you that is seeking expansion, fulfillment, success and joy.

Allow me to explain.

Our entire life is spent chasing success, accolades and excellence, from kindergarten upwards the entire system is wired to reward success (be it higher grades, gold medals, achieving targets or meeting deadlines) and looking down upon whatever is outside this definition(of success). But oddly enough the most important ingredient necessary to seek this elusive entity of success is hidden away from all of us.

It’s as if it were a conspiracy a conspiracy against “you” and her in lies the clue. We are coerced to believe that the most important ingredients for a fulfilling life, a successful career and joyful relationships lie somewhere outside ourselves in the form of a skill set, knowledge, certification, activity or behavioral modification. Hence we never bother to have a date with the most important person in our lives … “our self”. Surprising yet true, if we were to even scratch the surface of our existence hidden within us we would find the gold mine of possibilities.

I invite you to this date with yourself; you would be pleasantly surprised with the undreamed of possibilities and unexpressed potentialities that you are carrying within yourself.

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