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Last year I was a speaker for lightning talk at TechBhubaneswar and I cannot express how fortunate I was to be a part of such an event, particularly in this part of the country. It provided me with a platform where I was able to pitch in my idea and bring it out to the world. It also provided me with an opportunity to learn not only as a speaker from the co-speakers, but also as an attendee from the true leaders of the industry.

This is a platform, where I got a chance to interact with the leaders of the technology industry and the best part of it was that, I got an opportunity to learn about the upcoming technologies in the industry, from the very persons who are actually involved in implementing them in the real world. The sessions were very informative and I was a little surprised to know how unaware I am about the development in technology happening in the world.

It would be injustice if I don’t mention about the hospitality and the management of the event. Right from the beginning of the event, the organizing committee was on its feet and was very co-operative, and guided me at each and every phase of the event. Also, the sessions were planned in such a way that one could easily attend the session one was interested in. One of the best things about the organizing committee was that, it remained in constant touch with me right from the moment I was invited to speak until the end of the event. As I was new to such a big platform, the committee also guided me to come up with a presentation in a way it should be, for an event like TechBhubaneswar.

Lastly, I would like to thank TechBhubaneswar for bringing such a platform to this part of India, which is full of talent, but deprived of opportunity. I am definitely looking forward to attend the event this year as well, so that I can interact again with the group of wonderful people TechBhubaneswar brings together.

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