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Learn How to Shift Stress to Get Back to Being Calm, Powerful, and Productive

Being “stressed out” has become the new normal. Over 70% of today’s workers report that they feel stressed at their jobs. Not to mention the stress that is felt at home, in our communities, and in the world. The world can seem full of threats to our safety, our health, our well-being. At work, we can feel threatened with too much to do with so little time, with abusive bosses, or fear of the loss of our job. So, the question is how can we stay calm, centered, and productive each day to not only survive, but achieve our goals, be healthy, and be happy.

This is why learning how to proactively deal with stress, by learning how to shift it really matters. Being chronically stressed, shuts down our learning, our creativity, our energy, and keeps our body in a state of inflammation, which leads to chronic disease. By facing our stress, with skillfulness can return us to our center, our strength, our creativity, and our well-being.

Since, it seems as though being stressed, is the “new normal” with no real lasting solution, many people settle for using various ways to temporarily relieve the stress. This is Why, learning how to Shift Stress with awareness, mindfulness and the many shifting tools that are part of the Stress Shifter tool box, will lead to a powerful transformation to stay in the “Flow”

Objective of the session:

To teach practical stress shifting skills that will enhance well-being, attentiveness, resilience and creativity.

Who can attend this session?

Anyone who is interested in becoming stronger, energized, and healthier by learning ways to shift stress.

What all will be covered in the session?

  • Learning about the recent neuroscience and brain research on ways to upgrade the brain operating system to optimize it for better performance
  • Learning about the 4 step Stress Shifting process
  • Practicing simple mindfulness skills to relax, be more present, and reduce stress

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

  • Understanding how operate and optimize the most important tool we have, our brain, to be less stressed, and more open to learning and growing stronger as a person.
  • Gaining important information and how to upgrade the brain operating system, the root causes of stress, and how to shift stress to be more calm, centered, and creative.
  • Learning practical skills that can be applied each day to reduce stress, be more attentive, and energized

Pre-requisites to attend the session:


Speaker Details

Allen Imbarrato

I have worked with Mindfire for over 16 years to develop business software applications, as well as iOS app “Stress Shifter”. I have now developed an online course, “Stress Shifting Skills” which is based on Mindfulness techniques I have practiced for over 45 years. I began practicing meditation in my 20’s with the guidance of a Guru from India. Now in my 60’s, I have developed an app, and online course to bring this knowledge to people around the world, and specifically into the workplace. Since, I have been a software developer for over 25 years, and I run a Software company with over 15 programmers with many clients worldwide, I understand how stress can effect the creativity, the attention to details, and the success of a solution.

I look forward to sharing these learnings with your attendees.

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