Ayush Agrawal

Futuristic Website Development – PWA and Offline Accessibility

The session will start with an Introduction to PWA and how PWA can help developers improve the user experience and following a demo which will demonstrate converting an existing dynamic website to a PWA with service worker, caching of assets and user information and making the entire website available for offline access. Sending and displaying of push notification will also be a part of the demo.

Objective of the session:

To help web developers to understand and implement PWA into their existing and new websites.

Who can attend this session?

Web Developers, and JavaScript enthusiasts who want to explore more into web technologies.

What all will be covered in the session?

  1. Adding PWA and service workers to an existing website
  2. Caching of Static Assets and User data
  3. Using Navigator to detect internet connectivity
  4. Installing PWA on phone and optimizing performance
  5. Push Notification

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

Working knowledge on creating a PWA, push notification on websites, adding service workers and making a website accessible offline.

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

  1. Basics of HTTP – Request/Response
  2. Basics of JavaScript

Speaker Details

Ayush Agrawal
Founder and CEO, LectureNotes

Ayush Agrawal is the founder of a product which is loved by engineering students throughout India and Pakistan. Starting from a mild beginning, his product is now used by over 1 Million users every month. A businessman by birth, an Electrical Engineer by degree and a CEO by role of LectureNotes, known for his positive and optimistic attitude, his dynamic range of acquaintances and a sense of adventure that knows few bounds.

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