Dev Raj Gautam

From C# into Machine Learning

This will be a technical talk session with Pre-Prepared Short Demo (5 minutes) to cover the topic. This topic and gist of the session is to focus on understanding what it takes for a software engineer to get into Machine Learning.

Objective of the session:

The objective of the session is to provide insight into how a software engineer working in any platform can start developing machine learning Solutions. What skills, education, temperament, technologies and route would be required to get into machine learning.  This session will also focus on how they could add readily available machine learning easy solutions into their existing software.

Anyone with a basic programming background can attend the demo, however demo will be presented in C# and JavaScript. This are just small demos to provide understanding, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker for people working in other technologies.

Who can attend this session?

Developers, Engineers, Project Managers, Product Management Enthusiast.

What all will be covered in the session?

The following agendas will be covered in the session.

  • Types of problems machine learning solves. Do you Really Need Machine Learning?
  • How would your Existing Programming or Engineering Knowledge Help you in machine learning?
  • Integrate Machine learning Solutions into your existing software.
    • There are easily available frameworks that one can use without much knowledge of Machine Learning.
  • What it takes to Dive Deeper into Machine Learning.
    • Statistics, Algorithms and Algebra you would require to master the skill.

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

Attendees will find a clear understanding about what is machine learning, how they can transform and develop machine learning solutions. They will have an idea about how they can integrate easily available solutions into their existing systems and what skills, route they need to get into machine learning.

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

Basic Programming or Software Development Knowledge

Speaker Details

Dev Raj Gautam
Project Manager at Braindigit IT Solution

Dev Raj is a Senior Project Manager (Technical) at Braindigit, he designs the architecture of solutions, makes the important technical decisions, writes reusable software components for the team and provides mentorship in the team. He also manages his teams, clients and projects in Agile Methodology.

He is an avid machine learning enthusiast who is learning the mathematics, statistics and information science to blend with the computer science (programming knowledge) he already has for years.

Having worked in DOTNET Technologies for the last 9 years in domain of application and database development which includes Web and Desktop Development addition to knowledge domain. He works with python and ML.Net and a bit of for Machine Learning Stuffs to provide solutions for enterprise applications

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