Diptiman & Debojyoti

Blockchain Technology Adoption in Indian Telecommunication Industry 

Blockchain is often seen as a technology for financial sector, but India is leading the Blockchain revolution in Telecommunication Sector. Pesky commercial calls and SMSs are a big problem for Indian Telecom subscribers. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has notified new regulations on Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) to Curb Pesky Calls, There is also a draft regulation issued on running Mobile Number Portability process on Blockchain. This is first of a kind step in India where a regulator is embracing a technology like blockchain, for regulatory compliance purposes. Blockchain is known as technology for building trust through systems and hence eliminating intermediary, in the proposed session we will explore the blockchain features that promote trust and privacy in the context of Telecommunication Industry.

The other notion about Blockchain technology is it do not scale well, but in Indian Telecom context scale is a fundamental requirement, we will also explore scalability aspects of a enterprise blockchian implementation in the proposed session.

Objective of the session:

Starting with basics of Blockchain for larger audience this session will dive into Telco Use Cases where Blockchain can be applied in broader context. Especially this session will focus on how TRAI is supporting implementation of a particular use case called ‘Do not Disturb (DnD)’ service and its regulation details that each Telco providers (e.g. Vodafone, Idea etc.). Once implemented this will be revolutionary use case in Indian Telco Industry (First of a Kind) and would be exemplary in terms of scale or transaction volume. So audience will get a great amount of ideas from technology basics to large scale Blockchain implementation and testing

Who can attend this session?

Blockchain SME, Blockchain developers, Blockchain Architects, Telcom SME, Technical Architects

What all will be covered in the session?

1.Blockchain Technology Revisit

2.Use Cases in Telco Industry

3.Relevant use cases in Indian Telco Market

4.Deep dive in Use Case (DnD) and its implementation

5.Technical Architecture of Solution

6.Performance & Scalability aspect of the solution

7.Key challenges/way forward

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

Starting basic concepts to advanced implementation

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

Fundamental knowledge of Blockchain & Telco can be a good addition

Speaker Details

Diptiman Dasgupta
Executive IT Architect & Chief Architect, IBM

Diptiman Dasgupta is an IBM Executive IT Architect, Open Group Distinguished Architect and IBM Senior Inventor with 21 years of Industry & Research Experience in Enterprise Architecture (EA), SOA, Enterprise Integration (EI), Blockchain and Digital Platform. In his current role he is Chief Architect for Blockchain Technology Practice in IBM India Client Innovation Center (CIC). As Chief Architect for Blockchain, and primarily focusing on Technology, Innovation Selling & Delivering Blockchain PoCs/Projects and scaling up the same for IBM Global Clients & Clients in India/SA. Diptiman is also a member IBM Academy of Technology, IBM\’s most prestigious technical forum and IBM Senior Inventor with multiple patents Filed and granted in USPTO. Diptiman is having extensive speaking experience externally in forums like NASSCOM, CII and universities & premier institutes like IIM. In recent times he conducted more than 10 lectures on Blockchain including one in Berlin Cloud University.

Debojyoti Das
Lead Architect – Blockchain, IBM

Debojyoti is a Lead Architect and thought leader in the IBM Cloud and Blockchain application space. Debojyoti has 14+ years of experience in successfully enabling organizations meet their business objectives, using Business Process Automation and Re-engineering.

He is recognized for his unique ability of successfully spearheading engagements from conceptualization to realization. Debojyoti is currently leading multiple Blockchain Projects across the Globe primarily with FinTechs, Supply Chain and Telecom Solutions. Debojyoti is an Active member of Linux Foundation and Hyperledger Fabric Project, TMForum & MEDICI Debojyoti is an IBM Certified Educator, Mentor and Speaker. He has presented in multiple cloud and blockchain events across the globe. Debojyoti also participates on Academy of Technology initiatives in Blockchain space and thus collaborate with different IBM brands.

Debojyoti is a co-founder of a Public Blockchain Community (Bengal Blockchain Believers) with more than 1000 members and thereby contributes in creating a Blockchain ecosystem.

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