Dr Pankaj Dwivedi

Find yourself before trying to find your passion or purpose

Our entire life is spent chasing success, accolades and excellence, from kindergarten upwards the entire system is wired to reward success (be it higher grades, gold medals, achieving targets or meeting deadlines) and looking down upon whatever is outside this definition(of success). But oddly enough the most important ingredient necessary to seek this elusive entity of success is hidden away from all of us.

It’s as if it were a conspiracy a conspiracy against “you” and her in lies the clue. We are coerced to believe that the most important ingredients for a fulfilling life, a successful career and joyful relationships lie somewhere outside ourselves in the form of a skill set, knowledge, certification, activity or behavioural modification. Hence we never bother to have a date with the most important person in our lives … “our self”

Objective of the session:

The session intends to empower an individual to be independent and self-reliant in his thoughts and affirmative in action, an individual who is capable of crafting a fulfilling life and a successful on his own terms, as per his own definitions.

Who can attend this session?

Everyone having open mindset.

What all will be covered in the session?

Self-discovery and empowerment.

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

A glimpse into your own highest possibility, your peak potentiality.

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

Open mindedness

Speaker Details

Dr Pankaj Dwivedi
Medical Director at K M hospital Raipur

Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi is an eminent orthopedic surgeon who is the Medical Director and head of the department of Joint Replacement and Trauma surgery at K M hospital Raipur, previously he was the HOD Joint Replacement and Trauma surgery at Apollo hospital, Bhilai. He is the author of the acclaimed novel “The Possibility” and a famous Inspirational speaker not motivational.

Educated at two of the most premier medical institutes of India he has diligently pursued his career in medicine for over 13 years now (from finishing MBBS). He pursued his MBBS at KMC Mangalore, Manipal Academy of higher education, and his post-graduation at COEO (Centre of excellence in orthopedics) Apollo main hospital Chennai in orthopedic and reconstructive surgery.

When faced with death, disease and misfortune amongst the fellow human beings on a daily basis one really has only two choices either to numb oneself and detach from the surroundings or to seek a higher purpose, a deeper meaning into this phenomenon of life. He (the author) was blessed with the latter.

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