Jayant Rajwani

How RPA and AI together will transform the future

Staring with what is Robotic Process Automation, I’ll be covering the advancements which will cover how with the help of AI we have advanced in parsing random data and finding meaningful information quicker.

Objective of the session:

Making people aware what is Robotic Process Automation and how easy it is to start automating processes.

Who can attend this session?

Anyone who wants to learn about RPA, or knows RPA but is still exploring what all can be done with the recent advancements in RPA.

What all will be covered in the session?

Intellibot Studio
Intellibot AI Platform

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

Learn RPA
Learn Data Processing
Learn Data Classification and Entity Extraction

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

Open Mind ?

Speaker Details

Jayant Rajwani
Developer, Intellibot

Jayant is a young programmer who has already been into programming for more than a decade now, He started developing software since his school days by making his school library software, selected as Microsoft student partner 3 years in a row, then started working with Mindfire immediately after college, 2 years later joining intellibot where he is still working as the lead developer for the intellibot ai platform. He’s also known for his contributions to Mozilla, and other tech communities. Heis also worked for central government building some of their IT software.

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