Pranav Maheshwari

Future of India and World with Blockchain and related Distributed Technologies

Will be talking about the way technology has penetrated in Humans as a whole and how Blockchain is the next step towards the way we interact with Tech and the factors that govern the reliability and trust of blockchain so that we can finally trust a Tech for the doing the most important stuff. Nit juts financial transactions but also Transactions related to most Imp stuff like Land record transfer and related. Will not just be sharing the Technological insights as to how blockchain has become one of its kind unhackable databases but also be discussing the future of this tech and the role of Governance in promoting this tech. We will be breaking people\’s myths related to Cryprtocurrencyis and also the government\’s viewpoint on the same and how we can progress by learning this magical tech like blockchain.

Objective of the session:

  • To give insights into how Blockchain works, how it solves the problem of trust and give live demo some of its applications. Besides that Libra and related ventures of Tech-Giants on blockchain, will also be discussed and how India as a model of governance can adopt it.

Who can attend this session?

  • Anyone who is interested in knowing the future of Tech world and wants to know about the next big thing in Technology after Artificial Intelligence. Anyone who wants to see a live demo on how blockchain in action(Live demo) solves the problem off trust and Hackability

What all will be covered in the session?

  • Blockchain as a hack Proof solution in Tech
  • Amazing Applications of Blockchain
  • Live Demo on one of the Applications
  • Misconceptions on Crypto and its Future by the world
  • Why Libra can be the next big thing
  • India and DLT
  • How India as a whole can adopt to the lot going on in the space

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

  • All the misconceptions related to Blockchain will be resolved
  • Applications of Blockchain new opportunities will open
  • Insight as to how blockchain works after the demo
  • Deep knowledge of Libra and related BigProjects of TechGiants
  • How India can be benefited from the development in this Tech

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

  • Desire to Learn is enough rest will be taught in the session including Cryptography and Distributed Systems

Speaker Details

Pranav Maheshwari
Founder, Techbootcamps

Pranav is a firm believer of Innovation-driven entrepreneurship.He is a creative, decisive and a high energy individual with an infectious enthusiasm for education and technology He is a focused blockchain expert and an active speaker in south-east Asia. He is researching on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and other emerging impactful technologies. He actively conducts podcasts and hosts virtual meetings, where leaders from the blockchain and emerging technology space share their discoveries and insights. He is the founder of Techbootcamps checkout for more info. He is a prominent speaker at various blockchain conferences. He has spoken at distinguished universities like RGVP Bhopal, IIST Indore, Jagran-Lake-City University, and other academic and industry forums. He has taught blockchain to over a thousand students in various colleges. He strongly believes that there is some exhilaration in Cryptos because coins can be used for a global financial settlement to ultimately enable the world to exchange value and the underlying technology.

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