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Making sense of emerging technologies together

There are numerous emerging technologies and some of the prominent ones are AI/ML, Blockchain, cyber security, IOT, caas, Serverless, Big data analytics, quantum computing while there are architectural paradigm shift towards Microservices using agile and secure DevOps practices. Today, developers are trying to make sense of each of the technology while trying to decipher how these technologies could potentially come together to create modern solution based on modern architecture and process. In this key note session, We will talk about emerging technology trends, how to bring all emerging technologies to create intelligent and modern solutions and how we can be successful both as a developer as well as solution provider by using them. It will have hands on demo that creates intelligent application using Cognitive services deployed in Kubernetes environment using DevOps CI/CD pipelines as Microservices

Objective of the session:

  • The objective of the session is to make developers understand that each emerging technology is isolation does not bring much value to customers. Customers are demanding meaningful solutions comprising of multiple emerging technologies and understanding how to bring these upcoming technologies together to make a secure, intelligent, scalable, available on upcoming platforms is the crux of the session.

Who can attend this session?

  • This session should be attended by developers, architects, practitioners and any IT professional who wants to understand the collaboration of future technologies.

What all will be covered in the session?

  • The session will cover overview of each emerging technology and then it will bring them together to provide an overview how they can be combined together. For example, how blockchain and AI/ML can be combined together. After this, there will be a demo showing creating intelligent application like OCR using cognitive services deployed on Kubernetes environment using devops pipelines.

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

  • Attendees will understand the overview of all emerging technologies like IOT, Serverless, AI/ML, Blockchain, Containers, Kubernetes, DevOps and how to bring them together to create solutions for customers.

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

  • Internet, projector, audio, visuals

Speaker Details

Ritesh Modi
Technology architect and Senior Technology Evangelist with Microsoft

Ritesh is a seasoned IT professional with more than 18+ years of experience. He was technology architect and Senior Technology Evangelist with Microsoft. He is a known Industry leader, author and well know speaker at multiple national and international events. He’s an expert on Azure, DevOps, Bots, Cognitive, IOT, PowerShell, SharePoint, SQL Server and Kubernetes. He is author of Eight bestselling books including “Azure for Architects” whose rights have been purchased by Microsoft. He has spoken at multiple conferences including Bangalore Container Conference, TechEd and PowerShell Asia conference and is a published author for MSDN magazine. He has more than a decade of experience in building and deploying enterprise solutions for customers.

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