Roohul Amin Khan

InterPlanetary File System

The internet as we know it today, has some fundamental issues with it. Even its not the way it was planned to be. We can’t afford to ride to our future with lots of promising technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, IOT and many more with these issues. What are those issues and how IPFS can help in overcoming some of them, Let’s find out more in the session.

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Roohul Amin Khan
IOS developer, Blockchain enthusiast at Mindfire

Love coding and things which puts mind under exercise. Always ready to explore new technologies and ideas capable of producing useful products valuable to the society.

Technology is what drives me to work and innovation is what keeps me going.

Programming, Innovative ideas, Startup business and technologies are things that attract me the most. Being involved in a challenging task makes me feel alive.

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