Transform Business and Enterprise with Hololens and Mixed Reality

– Introduction to Hololens.
– Software and Hardware stack.
– Code a sample from Scratch.
– Cover Use Case in brief to connect Physical and Virtual World and to create an impact and how to make a sustainable solution.
– Q&A

Objective of the session:

– Awareness among developers about extensive opportunities in future technology.
– Collaborate and Interact.
– Enhance Community and grow people.
– Gain knowledge and build togetherness.

Who can attend this session?

Who know a bit of programming and want to learn new technology.

What all will be covered in the session?

– Mixed Reality & Hololens Intro.
– Business use case and application wrt. Education and SMB.
– SDK Configuration and Code
– Q&A

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

– Explore solution Opportunities in mixed reality.
– Startup Ideas.
– Network and Collaboration.
– Partnerships.
– Internships / Job Opportunity.

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

– Knows programming and want to learn new technology.
– Right Attitude.
– Passion.

Speaker Details

Diksha Deo
Founder and CEO of INCUBSENCE

Diksha Deo – Founder and CEO of INCUBSENCE, a technology company specializing in providing innovative IoT solutions and devoted to delivering knowledge that matters to help clients compete, innovate and propel forward. She is the Co-Founder of CKHO, a platform to augment computer awareness among the underprivileged.

She is a constant contributor to IEEE as Researcher, WomenWhoCode, HeadStart, and Google WomenTechMaker as a Speaker, Lead and Member. She has been invited by NIIT University, Amity University, and UrbanAMA for various talks wrt. IoT and future technologies. Expertise in IoT stack and python, C#, JS, AWS, NodeJS.

She readily takes any opportunity which caters her vision of helping people. Her endless curiosity and enthusiasm to learn how everything works makes her a “pro” in uniting digital and physical worlds.

She Believes, “Your passion always defines you. No external force can impact you until you want it to. I strongly believe that one should have faith and confidence in them first and then look towards the society. Never look for acceptance as this is a myth. Value yourself first. The one thing I learnt from my professor was never ever to lose hope. Stay strong and fight for your passion.” – Shiksha Cover Story

Diksha Deo hails from Delhi and completed her Bachelor of Computer Application from Birla Institute of Information Technology, Mesra. Further, she did her Master of Computer Application from Amity University, Noida.

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