Commercial Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is all about the data we get from smart things. With the rise of IoT devices this data is increasing at an exponential rate and the challenges are also increasing. The use of IoT can be from saving a second by turning on or off the lights automatically or saving a person’s life, in the later situation, a delay of a single second should not be acceptable while developing the application.

This session will provide you a hardware and a software knowledge and an in-depth understanding to work with Commercial IoT and it will help you to start with your product with a fresh approach and the latest available technologies in the market .

The new advancement in technology needs new skills and out of the box thinking to develop the solutions which connects the world and to communicate with ease.

Objective of the session:

Developing an understating of how commercial IoT development works and how to develop industrial level IoT applications.

Who can attend this session?

Developers having good understanding of cloud and programming logics.

What all will be covered in the session?

1) Setting up productive development environment
This includes hardware and software that is needed to get working. Hardware that we will be using are intel NUC gateway, grove sensor kit and Arduino 101.
2)Sensors and actuators
MQTT and HTTP services
4)Cloud and data visualization
5)WEB front interface-
Viewing sensor and actuator data and creating automatic rules
6)Security –
Locking the hardware, software and encryption
7)Automation and analytics
Send messages, Home automation

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

– Knowledge on how to connect the dots in IoT application and how to integrate different technologies to make an IoT product.
– Code repositories.
– Walk through the steps of development.
– Resources

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

Basic Knowledge of programming and cloud.

Speaker Details

Pooja Baraskar
Senior Specialist- R&D Innovation in KONE Corporation

Pooja Baraskar is an Intel Software Innovator, Microsoft MVP, an author, and a passionate Software Developer who is always willing to learn and explore new technologies. Being an Internet of Things expert she is popularly known as IoT Girl and is currently working with a leading Elevator company KONE as Senior Innovation Specialist. She enjoys developing games rather than playing and has developed many apps and games for Windows Store and Tizen Store.

She is from a small town of India hence a self-learner. She believes doing things in the most simpler manner as it can be and now she is sharing her knowledge with various programming communities and motivating aspiring developers.

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