Arjuna – Reinventing the Test Automation Wheels

Testing needs have evolved a lot over time and to cater to them, various interesting developments have taken place in the field of test automation. Tools like Jenkins, Cucumber etc changed the way we think about automation. However, most of these developments did nothing about the core of test automation i.e. the test engine itself. They went for existing test engines mostly JUnit and TestNG in the Java world. As a result, they did a patch work in the framework layer for various shortcomings of the engines themselves. Same is true for most of the custom/despoke automation frameworks developed within organizations as well.

Arjuna is a new generation free test automation engine created by Rahul Verma. It has been coded from scratch, as some would say – it is a reinvention of the test automation wheel. When was a reinvention a bad thing? A wise man once said whatever had to be created has already been created, we just discover it. Arjuna is specifically geared towards today’s complex test automation needs while not forgetting the strong foundations laid by its predecessors and teacher in the form of JUnit and TestNG. This presentation happens to be the first formal presentation and hence the official launch of Arjuna by its creator – Rahul Verma. Join the presentation and your views about test automation engines would be changed forever.

Objective of the session:

Introduce the attendees to Arjuna, a free test engine. It is the a major improvement in terms of test engine for tester as compared to TestNG which was originally created back in 2004. It is not a unit test engine borrowed from dev world to be used by testers. It is for testers, by a tester.

Who can attend this session?


What all will be covered in the session?

Quick introduction to the reasons for reinventing a test engine and features. Primary focus would be on demonstration of said features.

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

Exposure to a test automation engine which could change the way they look at test automation.

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

Some basic exposure to using test automation engines like JUnit/NUnit/TestNG/PyUnit or any xUnit based engine would help, although not a requirement.

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