Information Security Testing Beyond Compliance

The session shall cover introduction to OWASP TOP 10 Vulnerabilities with security testing methodologies testers adopt along with live demonstration on web applications and mobile applications hacking.

Objective of the session:

Objective of the session is to introduce attendees with different methods of manual security testing with live demonstration on Web Applications & Mobile Applications along with discussion on recent cyber-attack case studies.

Who can attend this session?

Anyone who is interested in Information Security and Cyber Security.

What all will be covered in the session?

– Live Demonstration on Web Applications Hacking & Mobile Application Hacking
– Different Security Testing Methodologies
– Case Studies

Benefits/Take away for the attendees:

Quick method of Web Applications & Mobile Applications Hacking.

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

Some basic knowledge about OWASP TOP 10 and Mobile OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

Speaker Details

Sunny Vaghela
Founder & Director at Techdefence Labs

Sunny has more than 10 years of experience in IT & Information security and has been primarily involved in analyzing risks to businesses arising from people , process, technology failures and developing strategies for secure Information architecture design.

Information Security Transformation Projects

Assisted Techdefence Labs Team to carry out more than 150+ Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing assignments of Applications, Infrastructure for Startups, Financial Institutes, E-Commerce,Logistics, Media and Logistics Industry. The engagement included carrying out for VA/PT on Web Applications, web services, Mobile Application, Database, Servers, Networks and highlighting the gaps of the same.

Information Security Trainings:

Sunny has been leading Training vertical of Techdefence for more than 6 years now. He has conducted 650+ Workshops, having trained 55000 people from various verticals on Information Security, Ethical Hacking, Web Application Security and Cyber Forensics.

Cyber Crime Investigation & Forensics:

Sunny has more than 3 years of experience in Cyber Crime Investigation and forensics. He worked as consultant to Ahmadabad Cyber Cell during early days of his career. He has solved more than 44 cases including Biggest Data Theft Cases, Cyber Espionage cases, Phishing cases, Credit card Fraud Cases and many others. Instrumental in Solving Cyber Trail of Ahmedabad Serial Bomb Blasts and in famous 26/11 Mumbai Bombings.

Information Security Research:

Contributor for reporting critical vulnerabilities as a part of security research programs held by Orkut, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others from fortune 500 companies.


Asian World Summit on Information Security, Malaysia – (from 2011 to2015)
InfoSec Maestros Conference – 2016
FICCI Cyber Security Summit, New Delhi – 2015
11th India Knowledge Summit – Cyber Era – 2013
Cyber Security Conference, Mauritius 2009

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