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Speakers 2017

Meet the Rockstars

Speakers of TechBhubaneswar 2017

TechBhubaneswar thanks to all its esteem speakers for their immense contribution to make the event successful. The mega conference was held on 10th December 2017 at hotel Mayfair convention.

Welcome Note and Keynote Speakers

Chinmoy Panda – President at Mindfire and DateTheRamp

Chinmoy Panda has had several years of experience in the global software industry, employed with companies like Adobe Systems Inc, Interra Inc, James Martin & Co and Cadence Design Systems before he started Mindfire in year 1999 and DateTheRamp in year 2015. He has an approved United States patent in the areas of document analysis, document understanding and Internet search techniques. He had earned his BE in Computer Science from BITS Pilani and his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

Session: Welcome Note

How to festoon an idea into a process is what he will be explaining in his session.

The session will be a brief explanation of the idea behind starting and nurturing of TechBhubaneswar. He will also convey what you can achieve by joining hands with TechBhubaneswar. Being the technical person,he will be sharing his insights on future of technology and possibilities.
As TechBhubaneswar is a day-long conference, he will also narrating the agenda and schedule. The content that he will deliver will be a wrapper of whole TechBhubaneswar event.

Manoj Chaudhary – Founder of Inverted Rainbows Technologies

Manoj chaudhary is the founder of “inverted rainbows technologies private limited “and “freedom to innovate “.He has got honory degree from University of China xian in “industrial automation and communication between robots”. His recent achievements are published in Forbes magazine and front cover in “National geographic magazine elite edition” and has been working part time on Google driverless car. He has been awarded as youngest Innovator under 25 and has given TEDx talks.

Session: Say hello world to Artificial Intelligence

As session has been kept by keeping the audience in mind as technical so this session includes practical demonstration of Artificial Intelligence and then how we can use AI in daily life and in different segment of industries and using java, python to know about how we can make use of AI rather than avoiding it. It is the future for a better world not a destroyer.

Key Speakers – Software Testing

Rahul Verma – Founder & CTO of Test Mile and Talent Reboot

Rahul Verma is a serial testing entrepreneur from Bangalore. He is the Founder & CTO of Test Mile and Talent Reboot . He is the creator for Arjuna, the only test engine created by a software tester. Co-creator of CMAP certifications and one of the authors of ISTQB foundations. He is an advisor and researcher for SALT – School of Applied Learning in Testing. An awarded thought leader for his contributions to Indian testing community, he is known for his practical and unified view of software testing. His software testing experience includes test automation frameworks, agile testing, web security, Java & Python, design patterns and web performance testing. He has presented, published articles and educated thousands of testers in the said areas. He write passionately, if not regularly, at RahulVerma.net

Session: Arjuna – Reinventing the Test Automation Wheels

Arjuna is a new generation free test automation engine created by Rahul Verma. It has been coded from scratch, as some would say – it is a reinvention of the test automation wheel. When was a reinvention a bad thing? A wise man once said whatever had to be created has already been created, we just discover it. Arjuna is specifically geared towards today’s complex test automation needs while not forgetting the strong foundations laid by its predecessors and teacher in the form of JUnit and TestNG. This presentation happens to be the first formal presentation and hence the official launch of Arjuna by its creator – Rahul Verma. Join the presentation and your views about test automation engines would be changed forever..

Sunny Vaghela – Founder & Director at Techdefence Labs

Sunny has more than 10 years of experience in IT & Information security and has been primarily involved in analyzing risks to businesses arising from people , process, technology failures and developing strategies for secure Information architecture design.

Session: Information Security Testing Beyond Compliance

The session shall cover introduction to OWASP TOP 10 Vulnerabilities with security testing methodologies testers adopt along with live demonstration on web applications and mobile applications hacking

Ramit Manohar Kaul – Vice-President at Moolya Software Testing Private Limited

Ramit Manohar Kaul has over 18 years of experience with 15+ years in software testing, development, corporate consulting and public domain training spanning countries like USA, UK, NZ, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and India. He was a member of the technology group of Indian Testing Board (ITB). He has also been involved in CTFL and MBT (Model based Testing) content & syllabus reviews for ISTQB. His name has been included as one of the contributors for MBT syllabus released in 2015.

Session: Just Pass is NOT Quality

Have you ever faced a problem where your testing says everything is good to go, still fails at Production? Have you ever thought, “What did I miss while testing the product?” All my test results are “Pass”, but product is getting bad reviews from users! I do not have enough time and I don’t know what to do.

Key Speakers – Futuristic Technology

Ritesh Modi – Founder of Infront Consulting Group

Ritesh Modi is an ex Microsoft Senior Technology Evangelist currently working as Principal consultant for a Canadian company. He has worked on Ethereum and solidity extensively while in Microsoft and helped advised startups and companies on implementation of Ethereum on Cloud as well as Solidity development. Ritesh is a regular speaker on Blockchain and Solidity and has spoken at theTechFest largest conference in India for students, speaking at Air Summit on Blockchain. He is also regular speaker on blockchain and Ethereum at meetups ( Part 1, Part 2 ). He has also presented on Blockchain, Ethereum and Solidity to architects, evangelists and written contracts internally at Microsoft.

Session: BlockChain and Ethereum – The Disruptive Force

BlockChain is claimed as next big disruption in technology and almost in all industries. A BlockChain facilitates secure online transaction. A BlockChain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network.

Pooja Baraskar – Senior Specialist- R&D Innovation in KONE Corporation

Pooja Baraskar is an Intel Software Innovator, Microsoft MVP, an author, and a passionate Software Developer who is always willing to learn and explore new technologies. Being an Internet of Things expert she is popularly known as IoT Girl and is currently working with a leading Elevator company KONE as Senior Innovation Specialist. She enjoys developing games rather than playing and has developed many apps and games for Windows Store and Tizen Store.

Session: Commercial Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is all about the data we get from smart things. With the rise of IoT devices this data is increasing at an exponential rate and the challenges are also increasing. The use of IoT can be from saving a second by turning on or off the lights automatically or saving a person’s life, in the later situation, a delay of a single second should not be acceptable while developing the application.

Diksha Deo– Founder and CEO of INCUBSENCE

IoT solutions and devoted to delivering knowledge that matters to help clients compete, innovate and propel forward. She is the Co-Founder of CKHO, a platform to augment computer awareness among the underprivileged. She is a constant contributor to IEEE as Researcher, WomenWhoCode, HeadStart, and Google WomenTechMaker as a Speaker, Lead and Member. She has been invited by NIIT University, Amity University, and UrbanAMA for various talks wrt. IoT and future technologies. Expertise in IoT stack and python, C#, JS, AWS, NodeJS.

Session: Transform Business and Enterprise with Hololens and Mixed Reality

– Introduction to Hololens.
– Software and Hardware stack.
– Code a sample from Scratch.
– Cover Use Case in brief to connect Physical and Virtual World and to create an impact and how to make a sustainable solution.

Key Speakers – Opensource & Cloud

Shivprasad Koirala – Founder of www.questpond.com

Shivprasad Koirala has authored more than 20 books and he is well known among .NET developers for his .NET interview question book. He is an ex-Microsoft MVP and also MVP for code-project, dotnetfunda.com and C# Corner. He is the founder of www.questpond.com which is an E-Learning platform for .NET developers. He spends most of his time recording step by step video tutorials on QuestPond site.

Session: Six Most Used Design Patterns in Project

Many developers use design pattern in their projects unknowingly. In this one hour of session we will go through 6 important design patterns which developers use in projects and how to use them effectively. My topic will cover introduction to design patterns, aggregate root and iterator pattern, adapter pattern, bridge pattern, template pattern and factory pattern with a very interactive session between me and my audience.

Dhananjay Kumar – Developer Evangelis at Infragistics

Session: Object Prototypes in JavaScript

As Nick Berardi says that “The this keyword and prototypes are pivotal, because they are foundational to do real programming with JavaScript”. This session will simplify these two backbone topics of JavaScript language. JavaScript is a prototype based language in which object is created by another object, and in order to do that it creates a prototype chain. Having a good understanding of prototype is required to write real JavaScript applications. This session will mainly touch upon three major topics ways of object creation, the this keyword, and prototypes with live coding.

Nirmalya Sengupta- Senior Java Developer

Nirmalya Sengupta is a seasoned, hands-on, server side technologist and a mentor of software development teams. He has managed to survive in the industry for last 25 years, while working with a number of companies in India and in Europe. He began his career as a ‘C’ programmer on Unix systems for last three years, he is using Scala for implementing systems.
He is an avid reader, enthusiastic traveller and big-time sports lover.

Session: Akka: An introduction to Actor based programming

An introduction to Actor based programming

Non-Technical Tracks

Col Prabir Sengupta, Alumnus of IIMB and was Global Head Hiring with an MNC

Col Prabir Sengupta, Vishisht Seva Medal, is a veteran; having served in the Indian Army for 25 years. For his exceptional leadership, he has been awarded the VSM by the President of India. He has seen action at the borders and also served with the then President APJ Kalam. He is an alumnus of IIMB and was Global Head Hiring with an MNC. Presently he engages with the YOUth and conducts organizational training on Leadership/ motivation/ team-building. He is a TED speaker

Session: Change is the Only Constant

In this ‘Futuristic Technology and Possibilities’ there is Only one thing that is Constant; and that is Change. How do we constantly Change our Belief Systems to know that we can achieve anything; literally anything that we dream and desire.

Sabyasachi Patnaik, Founder – TCube Solutions ( Now Senior Director at Capgemini )

Experienced business executive with over 20 years of experience in operational and strategic roles with technology services organizations in Insurance, Healthcare and Lifesciences market segments.

Session: Staying Motivated in a Changing World

Doing the mundane is boring. And staying relevant in an ever changing world is not quite easy. How does one stay motivated to deliver – as the bar gets raised every so often? How does one challenge themselves? What are the incentives for bucking up? How does one spread an element of positivity at the workplace and beyond? The speaker will share experiences from his journey across the corporate world and the entrepreneurial venture, the challenges and what it took to stay motivated and most importantly live meaningful lives.