Techbhubaneswar – The Conference That Never Lets Down Your Expectations

A walk in the park or strolling casually seems like abstract phrases that are hackneyed in an era, where we’re unremittingly catapulted towards a race with no visible finish line. What happens when this goes on for a prolonged period of time? Narrowed vision? Clouded judgment? Slow thought processing? Or all of them? Yet we keep trudging forward, despite having hefty knowledge about the same. As we approach the inevitable, we keep getting succumbed to the depths, till the point where we find the platform to lay our heads and morales high and burry whatever was weighing us down.

TechBhubaneswar is the platform for the implementers, mentors, learners, executors and decision makers. Where a structured layer is set for runners like us to visualize the finish line and set the right metrics for a victory to be remembered for ages. The conference is centered across three tracks which are Futuristic Technologies, Open Source and Web Technologies, and Testing covering various updates in each.

I am proud to have been a part of the mega event, one of the best conferences in India and the world for the past two years, this year is going to be even better as I’ll be there speaking about the future of Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence.

Be the part of a day which will help you connect the dots, experience the unimaginable, augment the wisdom you’ve procured in the lost time and take away resolutions, incentives and vision at the end of the day.

Pull up your socks, tighten the laces and come be a part of the ride that will give you memories to be cherished for the times to come.

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